Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Managed to complete the soffit and minor visual details in that area. It still needs painted. Next step is putting up the Joe Hardy trim. One window is complete but I'll be cutting all pieces then paint the ends at the same time before they are attached to the house. I skipped the $60 diamond tipped blade for the $2.50 disk that works fine for my little job. Use a mask and keep others away as it makes danderous dust you don't want to breath in. I just picked up 1-5/8" stainless t20 screws for trim and siding. I did a few tests and they are going to work great. When it goes up I'll show you some close up picks how to do it without crunching the cement board.

In between rain drops I'll continue to cut trim and hopefully some day soon the roof will be completed so the temporary cover can come down.

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