Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Busy Day

A big thanks goes out to John who was able to come out again today in the heat and humidity and got a big chunk of the electrical done. There's a few more outlets inside to connect and two more on the outside. I connected one myself for a try but I'll leave the rest to him thanks.

The light inside is plugged into an outlet, no more cord through the window!

I forgot about the steps, I finally put them together this morning. Also got to spray foam in about 2/3 of the ceiling insulation. So it was a busy day! Here's a daylight shot...

Saturday, June 28, 2014

...And More Insulation

For the most part all of the insulation is in except where there are wires and outlets. Spray foam is still needed also but that will wait for now. Projects coming up after electrical is in will be plumbing and choosing what I will use for the walls. I'll also be sneaking in some steps to the porch which really should've been done long ago!

I cleaned up a little too...

Madelyn stopped by for a visit...

Friday, June 20, 2014

More Insulation

A few more pieces of insulation are in place. I'll wait to use the spray foam after the electric is complete and get messy all at once.

 If I were to do this again I think I'd just have someone come in and get it spray foamed on site.

I'll have to clean the place up soon, this insulation can get out of control.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

More insulation and an AC Attempt

Yesterday was in the 90's and very humid. It was about 86 in the house with a fan in the loft drawing hot air out  I foamed in all the insulation that was up already except where electrical is located and unfinished. May have lost about 5lbs out there. Today I added 2" insulation in some ereas of the loft. The place is a mess but here's the latest pic...

This morning I didn't want a repeat of yesterday's heat so I went out and bought a cheap cooler to make an air conditioner. It was $2.87 experiment. I've seen similar on Youtube.

That's 2 gallon jugs frozen, plumbing elbow to let the cool air out, and I used 2" insulation board for the lid because the regular lid wasn't too strong. The air was coming out cool but it was too hot to inside to make a difference. There just isn't enough insulation up and I was going in and out too much. Every time the door opens there is a large exchange of air. My next try will be this...

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Today was a good day for the little house. John came back today to start installing the electrical and I'm happy to say we (he) made a lot of progress. Boxes are in, wire pulled, and only a few setbacks that a few trips to Home Depot and neighbor Tom to help keep us on track. Not too much time for pictures today except for the action shot of John for his 15 minutes of internet fame.

Oh and a shout out to the Brazilian "Futbal" team in the World Cup, guess where John is from? Thank you very much John your help today was very much appreciated!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Electrical is Next!

Hi folks, pardon my absense. Since the last post some small details were tended to like some trim painting and adding some metal flashing to the underside. I've also been sleeping in tiny house for awhile and getting a better understanding of how I want things to turn out. Although until each step is completed it's always subject to change.

A big thank you goes out to John who came out today with Monica and Kayla. We figured out what we needed and headed out to pick up some Lowe's electrical loot! When we find a good day he'll be back to help with the install. I'll have to get a picture of them next time for some internet fame. Until next time here's a pic of the house and the loot!