Thursday, June 19, 2014

More insulation and an AC Attempt

Yesterday was in the 90's and very humid. It was about 86 in the house with a fan in the loft drawing hot air out  I foamed in all the insulation that was up already except where electrical is located and unfinished. May have lost about 5lbs out there. Today I added 2" insulation in some ereas of the loft. The place is a mess but here's the latest pic...

This morning I didn't want a repeat of yesterday's heat so I went out and bought a cheap cooler to make an air conditioner. It was $2.87 experiment. I've seen similar on Youtube.

That's 2 gallon jugs frozen, plumbing elbow to let the cool air out, and I used 2" insulation board for the lid because the regular lid wasn't too strong. The air was coming out cool but it was too hot to inside to make a difference. There just isn't enough insulation up and I was going in and out too much. Every time the door opens there is a large exchange of air. My next try will be this...

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