Friday, January 24, 2014

It's Cold

Just to let you know I'm still here. I'm reading up on the electric and trying to figure out what exactly I need so I can plan my circuits. Probably won't do anything in the next two weeks due to the cold. It's 1 degree today and colder air coming. I'm just going to hang out in the fridge to warm up. Take care and be careful if you have to be out in the cold!

Friday, January 3, 2014


This past week I've been cutting and placing the 1" insulation boards. They are not spray foamed in yet so they can be easily removed when the house gets wired. Finished it up yesterday which happened to be the coldest night of the year so of course I wanted to sleep in it. I used my (Eden Pure like) heater, I don't know the off brand name. It was about 5f  (-15c) outside and got to a high of 50f  (10) inside holding a steady 48f (9c). Considering it's not foamed in and there is 2" more of insulation to be placed I was pretty happy. The 2" pieces will be placed after the wiring. I slept great by the way!