Friday, January 24, 2014

It's Cold

Just to let you know I'm still here. I'm reading up on the electric and trying to figure out what exactly I need so I can plan my circuits. Probably won't do anything in the next two weeks due to the cold. It's 1 degree today and colder air coming. I'm just going to hang out in the fridge to warm up. Take care and be careful if you have to be out in the cold!


  1. I know you've probably already seen me recommend this, but if you're still reading up on electrical, I'd HIGHLY suggest 'Advanced Home Wiring' from Black & Decker. I got the regular home wiring book, and it wasn't advanced enough for new construction. The 'Advanced' version includes circuit maps, and lots of info on how to stay up to code.

    I officially finished the electrical in my tiny house yesterday! Super excited about that. Got a 50-amp RV outlet hooked up outside, so I'll just need to build a custom cable to carry the 45 amps from the pole to the house, with two right-angle connectors, to keep everything locked up and weather proof. I'll also be putting some PVC under ground, so that I can bury the wire and keep it out of sight.

    Let's have another post!

  2. Thanks Casey! I have the Black & Decker book but I'll have to see if it's the advanced one or not. It's Been freezing here for so long I'll be getting in the swing of things soon, you know how it goes! Congrats on your electrical I hope to be there soon buddy!