Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Setback and Progress

I took a picture of the wrap on the house for what I thought was going to be the last time, unfortunately the cap was not meant to be once again. Let's just say there were problems and there is now a plan in place to make it right. At first I was pretty upset because I thought for sure the roof would finally be done. Then I was grounded when soon after I found out a friend and co-worker passed away unexpectedly. Only in her 20's and full of life. She reminded me there is a time for everything. RIP Jaimie you will be missed and I know the Good Lord accepted you into the Kingdom.

After the roofers left I started putting up more siding to the top. Only have a few more pieces plus under the two windows and that will be it for cement board for Michael Troy. Here it is...

I had some good help today too. I love when Madeline stops by to visit! She's so awesome and was a spark of sunshine with all the bad news of the day...


  1. Hey, Mike--

    Found your blog today and read through from the start--it showed me that 1) I don't actually want to build my own house and 2) you must be living in the prettiest place ever. Those pictures of the trees and the animals are great--what a beautiful piece of land!

  2. Thank you, I'm in the neighborhood I grew up in. Yes, the little house build is not for everyone. I'm guessing you may want to live in one considering you went through a 100 plus posts. Tumbleweed is a manufacturer now so you could get financing for one or you could find many little houses for sale here: