Friday, November 8, 2013 the last 5 days

A lot of little things happened in the past week. Mostly emptied my pockets. I purchased my door jams and door hardware. I got the knob and hinges in Beaver at Fischer Hardware. Don and Wayne were great down there and they lent me a jig to drill the holes.

The outside of the door also got three coats of paint, I think it will look great. I also picked up decking for the porch.

A special shout out to Priscilla and Jack who wanted to get me something for the house. It's a 5x7 rug that I had my eye on for awhile. It's super nice and will go in the "great room". It will now be officially referred to as "Priscilla's rug". They are very special people to me and can't thank them enough!

Also, this Sunday if you want to check the house out stop by after 12 noon. It's kind of unorganized and I'll be working on projects but I wanted to set aside some time for any one who's interested to come see.

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