Monday, June 10, 2013

I've been preparing the area under the roof where it meets the walls. Last week I used strips of 2" insulation that I had left over from the floor decking and secured it in with spray foam. Yesterday I put a strip of the Titanium up there again held up by some more spray foam. It doesn't look great but it will be hidden when I put up the fascia board which should be here Wednesday. If I can get that up this week and the weather cooperates the next project is trim and siding. Those clamps you see are just holding up plastic to protect the window from falling spray foam.

It's a rain out today so it's off to Lowe's to choose paint or stain for the cedar, any thoughts or suggestions? I'm thinking of going with the same color as the roof. Might be hard to suggest without you knowing what the siding is going to be but I'm not ready to reveal that just yet. It's different than what most people have been using so I'll keep that as a surprise for you later.

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