Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hello guys I'm still here even though I haven't posted. The metal roof is still not up but I'm going to address some issues you might want to think about if you are planning on doing it yourself.

When you are ready to place your order go to the manufacturer's web site. Here you can find the instructions for installation. Read this carefully as it will tell you what pieces you need to order. There are various drip edges, some take cleats and some don't. There are various ridge caps, they need some type of cleat. There are also specialized tools like hemming and crimping tools. You will want to use fasteners recommended by the manufacturer. You'll also need to order butyl tape and a urethane sealant.

My roof will have no openings. If you do you'll need to get the appropriate pieces for vent pipes and skylights. There are also various how-to videos on youtube that are helpful.

With that said my roof is still waiting for some decent weather that matches up with some days off. This may be a project that's better off done by experienced people and there is a chance that may happen yet. At least I have all my pieces!

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