Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Time to show some updates, it's been awhile so thank you for your patience. We've finished putting the plywood up on the roof and got that covered with the Titanium synthetic underlayment. This means no more tarping over the roof which is a very good thing! Gable ends are framed and ready to be covered after this wave of rainy weather. We stapled plastic up on the walls to keep them dry until the windows get cut out for the real house wrap. We also spray foamed the ridge top above the beam and under the plywood. The end cedar rafters still need to be cut and placed to make it "steel roof" ready. There are a handful of "small stuff" to get to before installing the windows and siding but it's really getting close... here are some pics...
Once again, a big thanks goes out to Billy. That's him on the right peaking over the roof top and I'm on the left. (Four pics up)

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