Monday, November 12, 2012

Hi friends. It's been a tediously busy, and tiring two weeks of vacation. After each day there was no energy to post pics of the build. The first week it rained non-stop so the goal of roof up and all dried in fell a bit short. Special thanks go out my neighbors; Tom, George, Kerri and Ray. My friend Billy who has a knack for showing up at the right moments. My parents who delivered an occassional meal when there was no time to stop. My sister Patty for placing the decking and general consulting. My bro in law Rick for making a much needed lumber run. Jess and Cassie from work to make sure my coffee maker was workin right and also got there hands dirty a bit. Also,, Steve from Tumbleweeds who sent me the updated plans for the Fencl. So here here's what you missed so far as the wind is picking up and rain on the way...

My deck boards are lower than usual.

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